Saturday, June 7, 2008

You Probably Will Not Believe This, I Didn't

Although we were not there to observe this, the pond evidently had some unusual visitors a couple of days ago. Well, at least we know they were near enough to be visible from the pond.

While we were out to dinner a few nights ago we received a call from AR's daughter who was at AR's house. (The house is located just north of and within view of the pond.)

"There are 3 peacocks in the yard!! What should I do? Who should I call?"

Evidently someone's peacocks had decided to take a little evening stroll. One of our neighbors who lives about 1/4 mile away has a wide variety of animals including peacocks. He has had peacocks for years, but I had never seen one venture this far from home. During the summer the peacocks always remind us they are nearby with their piercing cries in the evening. I imagine one can hear the calls for 1/2 mile or more under the right conditions. For those of you who have never heard a peacock's cry check out YouTube for some interesting short videos.

There are more peacocks in the vicinity, but most are probably too far away to have ended up here. We presumed these must belong to our neighbor.

At any rate, the calls to the neighbor went unanswered and the peacocks leisurely continued their evening constitutional. Who knows? Perhaps they will stroll by again in the future and we can get some pics.


  1. 8, 2008 at 6:31 PM

    That is to bad that you weren't home to catch them with your camera :) Peacocks are so beautiful but if you live to close those cries they make can drive you a little batty *grin* We have geese and on occasion they can get pretty worked up and I always think that there are times that the neighbors probably just want to come and strangle them. LOL.
    Nature Mama

  2. I can imagine so. We've got the peacocks on one side and a rather loud donkey on the other. Now this donkey calls for his dinner each evening and in the mornings thinks he's a rooster. Luckily both the peacocks and the donkey are just far enough away to be 'interesting' neighbors, lol.


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