Saturday, May 31, 2008

About 'Greatest Hits' Category

All bloggers have a few specifics posts that they consider their best posts. Sometimes those posts elicit a lot of comments. Sometimes they pass into oblivion with barely a murmur.

I know that blogging is normally about the 'here and now', the latest post. New visitors, however, may want to check out some of the older posts. But who has time to wander through dozens or hundreds of older posts? Wouldn't it be better to highlight some of the most entertaining and worthwhile older posts to save them time?

I decided I would classify some of the best posts into a 'Greatest Hits' category based primarily on the comments they received. This is not based on the total number of comments the post garnered, but rather the nature of the comments. Basically I selected those with a significant level of comments that indicated the visitors found the post particularly interesting or entertaining.

You will find that many of these are PhotoHunt weekly theme posts as they generally result in high visitor counts and a corresponding high number of comments. I have included some others that did not receive as many comments, but where the comments indicated the visitors truly liked the post or perhaps the photo's included. Plus, I included one or two of which I personally liked.

If you are new to the blog we hope you enjoy some of the 'Greatest Hits'. Of course we invite you visit even more posts perhaps through using the category lists for specific topics that might interest you.

Thanks for visiting our blog and please come again soon. We would love to see you.

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