Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beautiful and busy day

So much has been happening at the pond the past few days that it is hard to keep up. Just today the pond had 13 human visitors throughout the day with 2 of them being first time visitors. A couple of the visitors that were fishing caught enough for dinner, but I have to admit there was a some question as to who would have the honor of cleaning the fish once they got home. I'm not too sure how that was going to turn out. Most of the visitors were just enjoying the beautiful day and the fish, frogs, and turtles. At one time today there were 10 visitors coming from 5 different places who happened to congregate at the pond.

The green herons returned today. They had been absent for 3-4 days or at least they hadn't been observed. They are pretty shy birds and tend to stay on the far side of the pond away from the human visitors so it is a bit hard to get a good picture of the them, but we will keep trying. The great blue heron also dropped by, but there was probably a bit too much activity at the time for his liking. He is an occasional visitor and usually comes early in the morning.

Also, we've had some 'special' catches in the past few days (including one today). I will have to tell you about that in a later post once I get the pictures. This brings up a point I've been meaning to mention. Although I have been making all the posts on the blog to this point, the blog is really a team effort. Most of the pictures have been taken by others (GG and AR primarily) and soon you will likely be seeing posts from others involved with the blog and the pond.

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