Sunday, May 25, 2008

"And stay away!!"

Many birds are very territorial and vigorously defend their nesting sites from other birds. A couple of weeks ago I saw a perfect example of this. Evidently a rather large crow had ventured a little too close to a mockingbird nest which is probably in the thicket at the shallow end of the pond. Crows are known nest predators of smaller songbirds. The mockingbirds (well-known for actively defending their nests against potential predators) were on guard, however. Pure pandemonium broke loose.

Three mockingbirds immediately attacked the crow relentlessly from all directions and drove it from the area. The crow was having a difficult time in gaining altitude due to the repeated attacks from the mockingbirds and decided to land in the pasture about 75 yards away. The three mockingbirds landed in a circle around the crow and walked along with it keeping it under constant watch. Soon the crow took flight again and the mockingbirds took off after it resuming their attacks. The crow headed for the pine thicket about 125 yards away and was evidently able to shake off his pursuers as they soon returned to the pond area singing a wide variety of songs, obviously proud of their successful defense of the nest and daring any other birds to come near.

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