Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

We didn't have any specific festivities planned for Memorial Day at the pond. Many relatives and friends had other plans or were out of town. Some friends decided to bring the family over for a bit of fishing later in the day, however. Altogether the pond had about 15 visitors.

The fishing was pretty good, but came in spurts. The fishing success was spread around among the kids and adults with some nice size bass and bream being caught. (I even caught one. It's the big bream at the top in the picture.)

We also had an unusual situation. Within the space of an hour or so we hooked 4 turtles. Two got loose before they were reeled all the way in, but two were hooked so well we had to pull them in to remove the hooks. One was a slider about 4"-6" long and we are not yet sure what type the other one is. It is a good bit larger, maybe 6"-8" long. (The two turtles are temporarily residing in a wire cage which is partially submerged on the edge of the pond until we get a chance to positively identify them.)

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