Monday, February 16, 2009

This And That From Baker's Hat (IV)

This photo has a feeling of fall in it, but it was taken at the beginning of the summer last year. I just like it for some reason. There's something there about the shades of brown and the random simplicity that appeals to me.

It's one of those that I look at and think that I almost captured it just right, but not quite. Every time I see it I want to go back and try again. And I like how it reminds me that there are often interesting photo opportunities right under your very feet and before your very eyes if you just look for them. You don't have to always have to have colorful and exciting subjects.

Now what do you imagine this guy is thinking as he climbed this vertical tinted window?

"Would you hurry up and take the picture already? I can't hold on like this forever!"

This following photo was not taken around the pond, but at a nearby lake last July. It is a wild passionflower. The wild passionflowers in our region are know as 'Maypops' which refers to the apricot-sized fruit they produce which has a rigid outer shell, but a juicy, seedy pulp. Stepping on one would be much like stepping on an egg.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Flying Valentines

It has been some time since I posted to the blog. Fortunately, Graceanne has taken up some of slack with posts over the past 2-3 months. Normally we would be posting a 'PhotoHunt' theme photo on a Saturday, but, considering the date, I thought I would post something a little different.

The arrival of Valentine's Day brought back memories of some of our favorite visitors during the summer. I have posted about them before, but I just couldn't resist sharing some additional photo's with you. From the moment I saw the first one last summer I thought of Valentine's Day.

These are Calico Pennants. Among the primary features for these dragonflies are the 5 markings down their back. The markings are often 'heart-shaped' and easily identifiable.

The red specimen above is the male. The female (below) is yellow or golden in color. You can see that her markings are even more heart-shaped than the particular male above, but we have also seen males with comparable markings.

In addition to the markings along the body, these pennants also have distinctive wing markings making them among the most colorful and prettiest of the dragonflies that visit the pond frequently.

The wing markings make them great subjects from any direction.

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.

By the way. How do you like the new header?


Friday, February 6, 2009

Bridges Near The Pond

While hunting for the Photo Hunt on Bridge(s)I realized there are more bridges around here than I thought about, so I want to share with you some "cool" pictures of various small bridges.

The following bridge is the largest, and the most further away from the pond. This is one that goes over a swampy area out to a large lake somewhat back of Baker's and Graceanne's and other neighbor's properties. You may have seen another shot of this one some month's ago in the Photo Hunt for "Road".
Here are some of Baker's bridges. A small creek (or brook) runs across all the properties and eventually out into the big lake. This little stream runs (back of the dam) between the pond and Graceanne's house, curls around and goes between the back of Baker's house and his back pasture. This first one is from his back pasture to the front pasture.
This neat bridge goes from a walk-path from Baker's to his back pasture and barn.
Here is another shot of the bridge. It is so pretty I wanted you to see it also.
This is Graceanne's little bridge across the brook from the pond to her house.
And here is another shot of this one, which shows the water reflections.
Below is a bridge in progress. It crosses a small stream that runs from under the road and BESIDE the pond. These are pieces of a tall steel antenna tower used here before there was satellite. Baker brought them down and got them placed across the stream for AR and ER. It will lead from their place over to the pond.
Baker said to tell you, - This one is waiting for the stimulus package; then bring on the shovels and the wood & nails. Ha ha !
Hope you enjoyed our little tour of bridges.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Most Furry Ones Around

With this week's Photo Hunt theme as "Furry" I will introduce you to my two furry "kids", Pixie and Pansy. Since they live in my house with me, they live near the pond also. They are the most furry things anywhere around here as you can see. And I believe these animals must be the most loyal, affectionate, and loving creatures on the whole planet.
Now in case you don't know what kind these are, they are toy Pomeranians.
This is Pixie.
Although Pixie is almost 17 years old (will be in April) and takes heart medicine now because of her old age, she is still otherwise healthy and gets around very well. She weighs between 7 & 8 pounds. Below is another photo of Pixie:
This is Pansy when she was an 8 week old puppy. We named her Pansy because her face looks like the dark face in the flower Pansy.
Pansy is a "parti-colored" Pom, 5 years old, and is almost as little as a "tea cup" Pom, as she only weighs 4 & 1/2 lbs. She is a first, as we never had a 'two-colored' Pom before. Though Pansy is fully mature she still acts like a puppy sometimes; she loves to play with her little stuffed toys, and she whines like a puppy when I come home. She is so loving and sweet its hard to believe.

I had never seen or even heard of a Pomeranian until I was grown. When I was still dating my husband, he took me to see some Poms that a family owned in his neighborhood and I fell in love with them. After we married we saved aside a little money at a time and in 1955 we bought our first Pom puppy, a little orange male whom we named Teddy Bear.

Below is another picture of Pansy with her other favorite toy, her elephant.
We/I have had Pomeranians for almost 54 years now. That's a lot of Furry ! - And oh, what a joy they have been.