Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Sometimes Get Awards From Our Friends

Occasionally we are honored with special awards from some of our visitors and friends. Receiving an award or special recognition is always exciting. It shows that there are people out there that do enjoy visiting our little pond and you know we love to share the pond and its flora and fauna with visitors both in real life and here on the internet.

We've been trying to think of a way to adequately thank those visitors for the awards yet still maintain the normal flow of pond-related posts on the blog. Most of the awards have similar 'rules' for the recipients that request showing a link to the blog that passed along the award as well as to the originator of the award. Plus, most request that you pass the award along to additional blogs. Some awards may also include requests to share various types information, answer a list of questions, and the like.

We've elected to provide a listing of the posts in the sidebar by way of a link to the specific award post as an indication of our appreciation. We know we should normally be passing along the award to deserving blogs. We feel that we support other blogs through mentioning them or linking to them in posts or comments or providing links to our special friends in the sidebar here on our blog so it is not necessary to single them out for the awards so many of them are deserving of.

We want all our readers to know that we appreciate their visits and we appreciate their kind comments even more, whether here or perhaps on their own blogs. And we especially appreciate when they feel our blog is worthy of receiving an award.

We will use this post along with a permanent link to it in our sidebar to recognize those friends and visitors who have graciously passed along an award to our blog.

Rose DesRochers - World Outside my Window
The Smile Award 7/24/08

Mozi Esmé
Arte Y Pico Award 8/17/08

Mental Motes
Brilliant Blogs Award 9/9/08

Wishnik Woods
Friendship Award 11/3/08

Rose DesRochers - World Outside my Window
The Lemonade Award 11/28/08

Thank all of you so much for the awards.

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