Saturday, August 2, 2008

Clouds Are But the Cheeks Of Angels

Since I so often see clouds through their reflections on the pond I thought I would feature that view for this weeks 'Clouds' theme for Photo Hunt. These two photo's were taken just moments apart as you can probably tell.

Our current basic nomenclature for clouds was devised by Luke Howard in 1803. He was a British pharmacist and manufacturing chemist by profession, but also an avid amateur meteorologist. He is sometimes recognized as "the father of meteorology". Pretty high accolades for an amateur I would say.

Clouds had been classified in a variety of ways prior to that time. Basically they were categorized by color, such as dark or black or even 'mackeral skies'. Howard brought to them the standardized Latin names that so many of the other sciences had adopted. His basic groups were called cirrus, cumulus, stratus and nimbus, which mean ‘curl of hair’, ‘heap’, ‘layer’ and ‘rain bearing’. Of course the descriptions have been expanded and refined over the years to better identify specific characteristics of clouds by providing information relative to the height of the cloud formations and other factors.

Clouds and meteorology in general were among the last of the common physical phenomena to be addressed by the growing scientific community in that era. The invention of such devices as the microscope, telescope, and various measuring devices brought forth a surge in investigation, analysis, and categorization of the physical environment.

Clouds and weather were difficult to study, however. You couldn't exactly replicate a cloud within a laboratory to study it at the time. A cloud would not fit into the 'cabinet of curiosities' like say insects collected from all over the world. You couldn't visit clouds in various circumstances to inspect them. They weren't available for experimentation. They were difficult to measure and analyze other than by general visual inspection or perhaps modest measurements of weather such as temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, and wind speed. The complex nature of clouds and weather in general has continued to challenge scientists and meteorologists to this day.

But back to our clouds. We can just sit back and enjoy them for what they are, sometimes simple and plain, sometimes colorful and playful, and sometimes majestic and formidable, but always amazing us in the never-ending changes to their complexity and beauty.


  1. Hi Baker....interesting and beautiful post.....I love clouds you can see so much in them.....
    moody skies in winter......
    soft summer clouds drifting by like fluffy cotton wool......

    the last photograph is beautiful, a wonderful piece of artwork.....

    nimbus etc took me back to school........

  2. Oh yes and the reflection one is most impressive-- reflections are among my favorites

  3. I love that second shot! It looks upside down beauty:) That last shot too is the most beautiful of all! Happy PH:)

  4. I love your entries this week! Specially that last shot! Pure beauty is around us!

  5. Gorgeous shots. Clouds are always fun to shoot.

  6. the reflection photo is amazing!! you can see the cloud formation clearly and beautifully 'drawn' in the waters...

    the last photo is just as wonderful if not the most poetic of them all...

    i have my attempt at the theme clouds too!

    Happy weekend everyone. :-)

  7. A really interesting and creative take on this week’s theme. I love the second one!

  8. Or eyebrows of God... when it's all furrowed, beware... but when He's smiling... it's as if everything is alright with the world!

    Yeah... they sure are complicatedly beautiful! :)

  9. Very nicely done. I love the last shot. It looks like orange fire!

  10. Clouds make you fill with many imaginations and instill many feelings. Clouds within a sunset is sure a beautiful sight!

    Pearl - happy weekend. its hot here in singapore and im staying indoors!

  11. Nice and I learned a few things too.

  12. Beautiful shots - I just love the second one especially! And thanks for such an informative post - great! :)

  13. Gorgeous! The reflection shots are always so cool - but I like seeing both together!

  14. Wow - the reflection is amazing!

    Happy Weekend.

  15. These both are stupendous. Love it.

    My clouds are posted, a bit different in 'take' this week, stop by if you can and see what you think! Have a great weekend.

  16. All your photos are pretty.. but something about a lot of pretty color in the last one grabbed me. Good Post!

  17. The reflection shot is my favorite. Great captures!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Simply amazing! All 3 are just breath taking! I enjoyed the little narrative that with them too! Mine are finally up too.

  19. Wow, those are very beautiful shots. I especially like the last one.

  20. Love the water's really reflective..nice shot!

  21. cheryl - Hey there my friend - Yes clouds can be so enthralling

    marcia - I really like the reflection one too - So big and bold

    Yen - I just happened across that last one a few days ago

    little peanut - Great scene on your theme post

    Claudia - Yep - Some great shots in lots of theme posts this week

    demeenmai - That reflection really showed the majesty of the cloud didn't it

    Randi - I loved your theme post - Great capture

    Thanks to one and all for the visit and comments

  22. I love the two photos together, great idea

  23. philos - Good point - and loved your take on the theme

    crazy working mom - Mine looks like fire and yours looks like smoke - lol

    Pato -N-Perl - Loved your theme photo's. Was wondering if someone would take them from that angle.

    Greyscale Territory - Nice reflections in your theme post also - Would like to take a morning walk along that beach

    Wade - Glad you enjoyed the info - I really like that little lonesome cloud over the canyon in your post

    Sabine - Loved the clouds in your post - and glad you like the info too

    Melli - I thought that seeing both photo's really showed off how impressive the reflections often are - It's like having the cloud painted on a water canvas before you - and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

    Thanks to all of you for the visit and the kind comments

  24. I really love the photos that you have posted! I really like the reflection one.

    Mine's up...come on over.

  25. I love "cheeks of angels". Wonderful thought and pics

  26. Beautiful shots! Have a great weekend!


  27. Those two photos should be framed and hung just as you have them. Very nice!!

    Here's mine . . .

  28. Very nice. I like the pictures around your pond.

  29. pat - Thanks - I liked your post with 4 of the same view but all so different

    Hootin' Annie - Good take on the theme in your post - A reminder for us all

    ancient one - Glad you like the post - That last one does have some color doesn't it!

    Amanda - Love the color in your theme post - good capture -

    Ladykli - A pleasure as always to have you visit - Great colors in the captures on your post

    Thanks to one and all for the visit and kind comments

  30. Very nice photos and interesting to see the cloud reflection. I love the coloured clouds of sunset and sunrise as well. Thanks for the the tutorial on clouds. I probably learnt some of that info at one time or other but then one forgets.

  31. That was an excellent idea to show the clouds in the air and in the water! Beautiful shots!

  32. Beautiful! Especially love the last one! Red sky at night....

  33. dawn - Hey there - seems most prefer that last shot but quite a few like the reflection, too

    PS He loves you - Cool action shot on your theme post

    Munchkin mommy - I want some of those green clouds you have

    Sarge Charlie - Thanks for dropping by - Like all the different views you had of clouds

    Kim - That looked like the perfect day type of clouds on your post

    Thanks to all of you for the visit and kind words

  34. Very nice pictures :)

  35. Beautiful array of clouds you've got here. The one with it's reflection on the water is simply delightful :)
    Happy Weekend!!

  36. aren't they such a great beauty? :)

    hope you pop by mine and see my clouds. :)

  37. Well, that is beautiful,... puzzle material. Great analysis on clouds. Have a wonderful week.

  38. What a unique way to look at the clouds. Thanks for sharing all that wonderful information too. :-)

  39. this is truly fascinating - the clouds and the water. how they blend!

  40. sandy - That's from a poem (perhaps the title even) of Rod Mckuen I believe.

    Nita - Loved the clouds in mountains and snow

    Karen - Hadn't thought of that but it might be interesting

    Heather - Very interesting take on your theme post

    Dawn - Glad you liked the tutorial, lol - I always like to try to provide a little interesting info with the posts - Great capture on your cloud post BTW

    We appreciate the visits and comments from one and all.

  41. Sammawow _ I thought it was interesting how the reflection brought them nearer and made them more pronounced

    rdl - Ahh yes - the pinks and reds are so often captivating

    RoseAnn - Thanks so much (couldn't seem to get to your blog for a return visit)

    Napaboaniya - thank you - And your cloud take was impressive - One of the best today for me

    IvanGirl - thanks - and you visitors should drop by and check out IvanGirl's cloud post - She had a great day with the clouds in the mountains

    Thanks to all of you for the visit and comments.

  42. Toad Kisser - Glad you like the little 'lesson' lol - And great sunrise photo on your cloud post

    Dawn - Butterfly or angel your cloud was devine

    Bingskee - Always a pleasure to have you visit

    We thank you all for dropping by to visit and leaving such kind comments

  43. That's a beautiful place and you photographed it showing so. I love the reflection in the water. Well done.

  44. loved the last picture. it is so dramatic. it has that familiar sense of nostalgia.

  45. I lurve the cloud reflection. such a great shot!:)

  46. tnchick- thanks for the visit

    prinsesamusang - Yes - It does sort of have that feeling of a distant memory - (I couldn't find your cloud post if you made one - sorry)

    cating - and I lurved your golden sunset

    Thanks to all for dropping by and the kind comments.

  47. Hi Baker! Thanks for sharing us all these beautiful photos! Hope you have a wonderful weekend:) I have another post here!

  48. should be this link;-) Sorry.


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