Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Visit to the Neighbor's Flower Garden

Every few days I take a stroll across the road to visit our neighbor's pond and capture a few shots of dragonflies and damselflies plus a few other creatures. It also gives me a chance to capture a few of her beautiful flowers and plants which are always a treat.

I really love how big and colorful they are. Not just the flowers, but the leaves and plants as a whole.

I like to try to visit after a rain when I can. The air is so clear and the water droplets can provide such great subjects for a quick shot or two.

Of course I always snap off a couple of shots of the crape myrtle at the head of our pond on the way back. They were originally planted along the road when it was new, but eventually the area became overgrown. Many of the crape myrtles survived the intrusion of the vines and other growth and now their bright blooms poke out almost at random in the very natural setting.


  1. Hello Baker..we are on the same wave length. I just came in from taking a walk looking at the plants and flowers with rain drops on them. I love the way you captured the colors of the plants too..very beautiful!!--Michelle-

  2. The canna leaves are beautiful, so colourful and the water droplets add another dimension to the photograph.... I tried to grow them here one year, they were they have now gone to that great compost heap in the sky!!!!!

  3. Hey Michelle - thanks - with flowers that colorful it was a pleasure

    cheryl - the canna lilies are really impressive - such colorful leaves - sorry they didn't work out for you

    I really like the one with the water on the leaf - on the enlarged view it looked like water was running from some dark cavern inside the plant


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