Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Most Furry Ones Around

With this week's Photo Hunt theme as "Furry" I will introduce you to my two furry "kids", Pixie and Pansy. Since they live in my house with me, they live near the pond also. They are the most furry things anywhere around here as you can see. And I believe these animals must be the most loyal, affectionate, and loving creatures on the whole planet.
Now in case you don't know what kind these are, they are toy Pomeranians.
This is Pixie.
Although Pixie is almost 17 years old (will be in April) and takes heart medicine now because of her old age, she is still otherwise healthy and gets around very well. She weighs between 7 & 8 pounds. Below is another photo of Pixie:
This is Pansy when she was an 8 week old puppy. We named her Pansy because her face looks like the dark face in the flower Pansy.
Pansy is a "parti-colored" Pom, 5 years old, and is almost as little as a "tea cup" Pom, as she only weighs 4 & 1/2 lbs. She is a first, as we never had a 'two-colored' Pom before. Though Pansy is fully mature she still acts like a puppy sometimes; she loves to play with her little stuffed toys, and she whines like a puppy when I come home. She is so loving and sweet its hard to believe.

I had never seen or even heard of a Pomeranian until I was grown. When I was still dating my husband, he took me to see some Poms that a family owned in his neighborhood and I fell in love with them. After we married we saved aside a little money at a time and in 1955 we bought our first Pom puppy, a little orange male whom we named Teddy Bear.

Below is another picture of Pansy with her other favorite toy, her elephant.
We/I have had Pomeranians for almost 54 years now. That's a lot of Furry ! - And oh, what a joy they have been.