Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Monday -Time for Dragons and Something New

I mentioned in my Dragons and Damsels post last Monday that I have been trying to take a few videos to post here on the blog. I haven't yet been able to get a satisfactory video of the damselflies which I really wanted, but I did get one of a dragonfly that I hope you will enjoy.

I don't see this particular species down at the pond very often. I think it was only the 2nd or 3rd time I had seen it and been able to get a photo. If I'm not mistaken it is a Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina). Actually it is a relatively common dragonfly, but I have not run across many of them in the immediate vicinity.

Normally most of the dragonflies I see perched on sticks and branches remain fairly still and in one position. All dragonflies hold their wings outstretched as opposed to most damselflies who fold their wings together. Some species of dragons may fold their outstretched wings forward almost as though they are wrapping them around their head. If there is a strong breeze the dragons may shift about a bit and adjust their wings to maintain their balance on a perch. Other than that there is not a lot of movement once they settle in.

I was really surprised at the movement of this dragonfly in the video. It continued to move and shift its position almost continuously even though there was only a moderate breeze and other species of dragonflies on nearby perches were relatively still. And it held its wings at a much higher angle to the body than do most of the dragons I have been observing. (By the way, watch for the other dragonflies passing in the background, too.)

Please Note: This video includes audio that can be adjusted on the video. It is not excessively loud, but you may want to adjust the initial volume settings depending on your situation.

Dragonfly - 3932 from BakerWatson on Vimeo.

In researching the species I came across an interesting comment on BugGuide. "Frequently seen perched on weeds in fields as it forages, pivoting with the wind." Perhaps this pivoting motion is a special characteristic of this species.

Whatever the reason for the constant pivoting it was interesting and gave me an opportunity to capture a variety of shots from different points of view without ever having to change positions.

I hope you enjoyed the video.


  1. I was transported to the pond and for a brief moment in time saw the dragonflies through your eyes. Enchanting and an absolutely beautiful creature.....I love it, tku.....

  2. How extraordinary! Your photos are breathtaking! I felt like Cheryl did watching the video. I felt like I was actually at your pond!

  3. Cheryl and ladykli - Two of my favorite visitors!!

    Thanks so much for the kind comments and I'm so glad you liked the post and video. I was pleasantly surprised that the audio picked up some of the sounds around the pond. That was one of the first ones I had tried with that camera. I'm looking forward to getting some more to share soon.

  4. Oh Baker...great job. I can't believe you could get video of a dragonfly and great video too. I saw the other blue one in the right hand corner. I am curious about this pivoting and will have to look it up. I enjoyed this very much!!!!

  5. Hey there Michelle - I'm glad you liked the video.

    I was pleased with the video. I thought it came out pretty good. Usually there isn't much activity from a dragonfly just perched and of course it is almost impossible to shoot a decent video of them flying as they are so fast and change directions all the time. This one really performed and let me take a lot of shots. It left and came back several times.

  6. Excellent Baker! Oh those photo's are really lovely and the video superb.

    I wish I could sit for while by your pond and just take in all that beauty and peace... what a wonderful place this blog is.

  7. Great video and pics, Baker.

  8. Baker - these are wonderful and look just like the Halloween Pennants that I have down here in Florida! the video was great - when I find my manual, I will do one too! they are very sweet dragonflies and I have found that they let you take their pictures without getting too jumpy! Great shots and I am so glad you found me! PS - this is London Yankee from VOX!

  9. avril - Thanks bunches - Come on over and visit the pond - We would love to have you - I'll even let you sit in the hammock chair, lol

    tammy - thanks for the visit and kind comments - glad you liked the video

    London Yankee - I thought you might enjoy that video - And ditto on the finding each other - I think I will get a lot of good info from the Odonation group

  10. Lovely. I love dragonflies anyway, but your photographes are spectacular. Thank you for sharing them with us

  11. That is an amazing looking dragonfly! I showed Jacq your blog and she fell in love with it. Her latest tattoo was of a dragonfly...awesome little creatures!

  12. vikki - Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words -

    Wayne - Welcome as always - Glad Jacq liked the dragonfly - they are certainly cool creatures - such variety and color in them and the damselflies - and if you watch them long enough you will see some very interesting behaviors

  13. WOW! I need to know about your camera! This is awesome! How do you do it?

    Also, I saw your comment on my post. Any idea of why they just sit there and don't move?


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