Monday, August 11, 2008

A New Dragon Shows Up For Monday

Some of you may recall the post from a few weeks ago about the dragonflies and damselflies landing on me at times when I am trying to photograph them. In that post I included a photo of a Calico Pennant(Celithemis elisa). We don't see too many of the Calico Pennants around the pond, but when we do they are always a treat.

This one is evidently a mature male. They are not very large compared to most of the other dragonflies around the pond, but they are easily recognized. The red color is striking on the body and wings. And check out the little heart-shaped markings along the top of the abdomen. Those are a primary marking identifying the species.Male dragonflies often tend to hang around breeding grounds waiting for females. Since we see the Calico infrequently I presume there are not a lot of them in the immediate vicinity.

From the time we researched and identified the male Calico over 6 weeks ago I have been looking for a female Calico. The photo's we saw on line were very striking. I figured if one showed up it would be easy to spot since they are marked much like the adult male, but in gold as opposed to the red.

Finally one showed up. Well, at least I think it is a female....

The problem is I found out that the immature males can also be golden in color and very similar to the females. Like many dragonflies, particularly males it seems, they change color as they mature. I'm not sure I know enough about the species to definitely say this is a female. I guess I will have to do some further research.

Although there was a mature male around I never did see them in close proximity to one another. I did note that this one did not generally approach the water whereas the males seem to prefer short twigs right at the water's edge to perch on. These golden ones stayed mostly in the short grass on the banks maybe 3-4 feet from the water.

I have seen both of them in the short grass around the pond also. You can tell by this photo that they are a bit difficult to spot in the grass, especially the yellow ones. (Go to the center of the photo and then down and to the right just a bit to find it.)

Immature male or female, it is still a beautiful little creature. Personally, I'm hoping it is a female of course, and that it will make a suitable 'Love Connection'. We could use a lot more of these around in the coming years.


  1. I never knew that dragonflies could be so colorful. The red one is extraordinary! The last one reminded me of I spy. I had to enlarge it to find the dragonfly. I guess the eyes are going bad.

  2. ladykli - That was sort of like 'Where's Waldo' lol - You're eyesight is not going bad, they are just hard to see, especially those smaller golden ones in the yellow-green grass. Usually when I see a new dragonfly I always take a photo from a distance and take more as I move closer and closer. I often have the same problem finding them in the photo when I download it. Sometimes I have to go to the next photo which was closer to get a clue as to what I'm looking for, lol.

    Thanks for dropping by and the the kinds comments.

  3. Such amazing shots! I had no idea about male dragonflies. They are gorgeous and so colorful :)

    That last shot had me stumped and I had to click and blow it up to find it!

  4. I want to first thank you for stopping by my blog!
    But I am thrilled with your blog, which is stunning. I'm putting it under "Brilliant Blogs" on mine, because that acts as a bookmark for me as well as links for my readers.
    I have to go to work, but my mind'll on the pond, where I'd much rather be!

  5. Wow Baker....they are stunning...I have always loved dragonflies....what I would do to have those in my garden....A pleasure to look at them...tku

  6. I just spent a few days at a pond on a wildlife refuge camping. I really had the chance to observe and take pictures of dragonflies. Very intriguing insect.

  7. Thanks for leaving some breadcrumbs for us...I would have never found him!

    Beautiful shots!

  8. sandy c - Looks like most people had a little trouble finding that one, lol

    dano - Welcome to our little pond - Hope to see you drop by again - and thanks for the link

    cheryl - They are certainly welcomed visitors around here

    inland empire girl - they are indeed interesting - seems I notice some different behavior almost daily

    wayne - I'm glad I went back and added those bread crumbs before I posted. Once I uploaded the photo even I had a hard time spotting it and I knew what I was looking for, lol.

    Thanks to all of you for the kind comments.


  9. Brilliant Post, Baker! I have found that the side view helps to tell the difference between the males and females but sometimes I am at a loss! We have had a BOOM all of a sudden here, so I am wishing good things for you and the pond with the love connections! The pictures are great and I looked at the map and unfortunately, we do not get the Calico Pennants down here so I get to live vicariously through the pond! Again - wonderful post!

  10. Hey portals - I follow you on the side view but unfortunately these yellow ones nearly always perch in the very short grass only an inch or two off the ground at the maximum so I don't have a good angle - I've only seen one perch on a low stick at the edge of the pond - And as for the 'Love Connection', I'll be posting an update soon

    Thanks for the kind comments - And keep posting those great photo's on your blog

  11. Baker, It was a wonderful blog and the pics are beautiful. With those hearts, it has to be a "love connection".

    Thanks for the beautiful representation of our pond.


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