Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Road

Hidden from the public view,
This road is known to just a few.

It's not so very far from me,
Just head due west and you will see.
Go across the bridge and make a right
You'll find the road within your sight.

Now around the curve and up the hill
Through the mushroom forest, quiet and still.

Go over the hill and down a short way
Seeing new treasures every day.

Find the old walk and cross to the lake
If some photo's you want to take.

See turtles and deer, flowers and bees.
Find dragons and damsels in bushes, in trees.

And then its back home, just a short way,
And plan the next visit for some other day.

Now as for roads, it's not about size,
The important thing is where it lies.
What sights can you see along the way?
And are they different every day?
And how does it curve, how does it bend?
But most of all, where does it end?


  1. Yes it's nice to wonder around quiet lanes and pathways and view nature at its best .

    Love the photographs..

  2. I think your previous entry's title would suit this one too: i.e., something a little different! Well done! :)

  3. Beautiful! So inviting... and makes the viewer want to go on and see what's around rhe next bend. I love the mushroom 'tree'. 8-]

  4. A rhyme are cunningly blend with the photo..loves it :)

    p/s: I do live on a mountainous area. Here are the hints Titiwangsa mountains

  5. Oh my, your post and your photos are so lovely. :) Made my evening. :)

  6. Wonderful. What a delightful journey! Have a great weekend

  7. Excellent...but that mushroom photo is just THE best!!!

    Mine's shared...all about the "Devil" this week. Come see. Have a great weekend, and happy hunting!

  8. A lovely, evocative series of photos.

  9. Thanks for the direction, I'm sure I can find it. No sweat. :)

  10. Thank you for taking us on the lovely roads with you and showing us the splendid sights. Happy weekend.

  11. What a fun idea! It's like a visual treasure hunt. Love the shot of the mushroom!

    Write From Karen

  12. a secret passage? interesting...

  13. Oh this is great Baker and I love the collage..and the poem. I need to go and scout out some of the parks near here, but they are warning folks about rabies as 2 people were just bitten by a rabid fox. Kind of puts a damper on a walk..

  14. I so love the the picture of the mushroom. I would walk this path all the time!

  15. Simply wonderful. I love the poem too! You are so talented.

  16. Such a nice walk and I love the poem too. And the mushroom! Happy equinox.

  17. A beautiful walk along your 'road', it must be wonderful to watch it change over the seasons.

  18. Oh, I love the way you put the poem with the pictures today! I was out on asphalt roads all day so it was a delight to see your nature road!

  19. Your pictures make me wish to roam around those roads.
    Great poem you posted with this entry.

  20. What great photos. And what a great way to arrange them (with a poem)...

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my site!

  21. Thanks to all of you for dropping by and for all the kind comments. I always try to make a visit and comment to all our visitors and if I missed any I apologize.

    I see many liked the mushroom. Well it wasn't quite tree-sized but it was big, lol. I was surprised that day by all the different mushrooms in a relatively small area and by how all the small groupings varied so much in size and shape.

    Hope you all had (have) a great weekend.


  22. Awesome; Every road got to end somewhere, I guess the question is: where? Thanks for the reply you left at bloggertalk.

  23. Hi Baker - Thank you for visiting my blog...I enjoyed yours very much, too! Of course, love your damsels and dragon shots! All of your photography is great. You've got me hooked...I'll be back. I have my first blog listed on - (as shown on my profile page), a little more than just my favorites, the dragons. I sure could use any help on I.D!

  24. Now...THIS is fast!! Thanks for the site info, I'll check them out.

  25. Hey Mae - Thanks for dropping by

    spookydragonfly - Yep those were both fast replies to my comments on your blog, lol. You've got some great photo's there and I look forward to seeing more. Good luck with those sites. I'll round up some more dragonfly and damselfly sites for you if you would like me to.

  26. It looks like a lovely road. I just love how you described it. The mushroom is a fantastic shot.

  27. u're so good with words! :) lovely...thanks for stopping by. sorry it took me so long to pop by tough.


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