Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Again And You Know That Means Dragons and Damsels

I'm sure you realize I'm no entomologist. And I'm by no means an experienced nature photographer wise to the ways of the natural world. Over the past few weeks, though, I have been taking quite a few photo's of dragonflies. I've spent hours observing them around the pond and in the immediate vicinity. And, I've seen hundreds if not thousands of dragonfly photo's on line when researching some of the dragonflies I have captured. I can not recall having seen a similar photo in my rambling through all those dragonfly photo's on line though I'm sure many have probably been taken.
Now what is so special about that photo? There is nothing unusual about the species. I think it is probably relatively common. And there is nothing unusual about this particular dragonfly. It appears healthy with no unusual distinguishing characteristics such as damage to its wings or anything like that. At first glance the photo and dragonfly appear normal.

I'm sure to most of you the unusual aspect of this photo will not seem all that exciting, but as for me I was amused and delighted that I captured it. What's different is that the dragonfly is upside down. You are looking at the it from the bottom side, not the top as you would see in most photo's. Even in photo's providing a bottom view the dragonfly itself is normally upright and the camera is below it or level with it if the dragonflies body is vertical.

This dragonfly probably flew up and perched on the blade of grass that was standing upright. The weight of the insect was a little too much and the blade bent down taking the dragonfly with it and leaving it in this odd position.

Now normally one would expect the dragonfly to jump off if its perch collapsed. I see this happen all the time. But this guy evidently just rode it down and continued to hang on for several minutes before he took off again. If you check out the enlarged version of the photo you can even see that it looks like he is holding on for dear life.


  1. Thanks for the info on my site commenter's problem. I'll try to figure out what went wrong with my limited knowledge on CSS and HTML ;)

  2. What a joy to come and visit and see such an amazing photograph....don't you just like the unusual....delightful Baker....

  3. bintang4 - Hope you get it sorted out.

    cheryl - Welcome back from your holiday - I'm sure you had a good time but that you are also glad to be back home in your beautiful wildlife sanctuary.

    I think all the dragonfly and damselfly photo's are fun, but it is not often one finds them in unusual positions as they are generally creatures of specific habits depending on the species. This one really amused me.

  4. Baker..I was on a dragonfly hunt Monday...check out the banded pennant as a possible ID...I too get a thrill being able to see these and take a photo....

  5. Michelle - They are always fun aren't they? - I think you are right about the Banded Pennant. That's what I think it is, also. The markings on the wings are very prominent. I recall, however, that it seemed a bit larger (longer) than the normal Banded Pennant so I wanted to go back to some other photo's I took of it from different angles and on different perches to see if I can better judge the actual size or find some other determining characteristic.

  6. OMG! I Love this photo! It is so cool. And that you took it from the bottom is amazing to me. It inspires me to want take more photos. I just need to find the time. LOL


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