Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick! Somebody Call A Chiropractor!

It seems that over the past few weeks the green herons have become more tolerant of sharing their pond with me. At least one of them is more at ease allowing me to approach much closer than before.

They are such interesting birds. The extremes to which they can extend their body is amazing. Often when they are hunting along the edge of the pond they go into a crouched position making them look smaller than they really are. They are like a coiled spring ready to strike.

At other times they are in a more natural looking position that one would associate with a heron. The long legs are visible plus the neck is extended.

Then at times they are really extended showing just how long the neck can be. You can see how they could reach out a long way to snatch an unsuspecting fish or insect.

And then there are the times they show off just how flexible they really are.

I guess if I was that flexible I would show it off, too. I feel certain, however, that if I tried I would probably have to go to a chiropractor afterwards.


  1. Amazing photos! I love the one with the reflection.

  2. I wonder if my friend the chiropractor would treat a heron. She would probably just laugh! Enjoyed the photos and text.

  3. Ah leggy birds! I saw a few of those in South OC. I think they were great herons...mostly white if I recall correctly.

    Amazing birds!

  4. ladykli - Thanks - I like the reflections too - that's one good thing about this bird - lots of shots right next to the water

    lynn - Thanks for the visit

    leora - I know I would need one if I tried that, lol

    Wayne - The green heron is relatively small as herons go - You might spot one as I understand they are year-around residents along the lower west coast - Here they are primarily summer residents

    digital polaroids - I believe they are fairly common in the summer in the eastern half of the US but like many herons they tend to disperse from breeding areas to find suitable foraging


  5. My grand children could imitate the heron, I am sure............I can remember at one time being that flexible....days long gone....
    Wonderful photographs, I love them.....

  6. What pretty birds! Definitely don't try this yourself . . . :)

  7. cheryl - Oh yes - there were many things we could do in those younger days, lol

    esme - don't worry - I'm not likely to try that one


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