Sunday, May 18, 2008


Over the past few years we have noticed that there seemed to be an increased number of turtles in the pond and we've been wondering how many and what kind we might have. We decided to capture some of the turtles to try to identify them. We use turtles traps (benign in nature of course) and we also catch some individually in hand-held nets on poles. Well, this week we captured our first real prize, a hatchling red ear slider.

Red ear sliders are not uncommon. They are among the most loved turtles of those who keep turtles as pets. Millions have been sold around the world. I think perhaps it is the markings on the turtle that makes them so special. They generally have a profusion of stripes and spots that make each turtle unique. The markings on the head and front legs are especially prominent. They give each turtle its own personality it seems.

In the wild the turtles can be hard to observe up close. As with most turtles they quickly dive or head for cover at the first sign of potential danger. And the hatchlings can easily hide in the profusion of grass in the edge of the water around the pond. A few days ago I noticed a small movement in some of the grass and thought it did not look like a fish. I thought perhaps it was a frog. I fetched a net and on the first try I came up with what turned out to be a baby red ear slider.

Almost immediately we knew this one would probably be a keeper, at least for the short term. We retrieved an unused aquarium I had and set up a new home for our turtle. And, of course he(she) needed a name. We came up with 'Blog' as it seemed he(she) might become sort of a mascot for the blog. Then later when ER saw the turtle he suggested 'Spot' due to the obvious pattern of spots on the bottom. Aha! Blogspot! Of course!

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