Sunday, May 18, 2008

The 'bowl'

Quite often when we catch smaller animals such as small fish, tadpoles, frogs, and the like we want to keep them for a short while so others can see them or until we have a chance to take pictures. After a few trips back to the house for containers we decided we needed a more permanent solution for temporary housing at the pond. We decided to use the 'bowl'. Now the 'bowl' has it's own little history involving the pond which I'll tell you about later. As you can tell it is similar to a fish bowl, but the glass is much heavier. It is placed near the bank in a convenient spot which is shaded throughout the day.

The 'bowl' has housed many specimens on a short term basis including bass which were only a matter of hours old (often called 'fry'), other small fish, a wide variety of tadpoles in different stages of development, baby frogs, and even turtles. The 'bowl' has rapidly become one of the first stopping points for some of the regular visitors when they drop by to check out what is happening at the pond.

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