Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogspot gets some friends

We thought catching Blogspot the red ear slider turtle was most unusual, but even more surprises were to come. On the day after we acquired Blogspot I was walking across the nearby pasture in a slight drizzle of rain on my way to check out the pond. I just happened to look down and spotted another hatchling in the grass. This was an entirely different kind of turtle, possibly a box turtle, but it was almost exactly the same size as Blogspot. Three baby turtles
The very next day we captured another baby red ear slider (RES) in the pond not far from where we found Blogspot.

This RES was noticeably larger than Larger-Baby-Turtle Blogspot causing us to believe that maybe it came from a different hatching and was perhaps just a bit older. Also, the red ear marking is much more prominent than Blogspot's.

All-three-baby-turtlesIn this photo you can see the relative sizes of all three turtles. (Those are 1" squares by the way. Each square is about the size of a quarter coin.) Left-to-right that is Blogspot, the larger red ear slider, and the turtle found on land. When taking this picture we noticed an unusual phenomenon. It seemed every time we placed the turtles on the paper the two sliders would start to move forward, but the land turtle would immediately start to back up.

Two days later we caught yet another RES and it is almost exactly the same size as Blogspot leading us to believe that perhaps the 2 are siblings. We haven't actively looked for any more but, I'm sure there must be a few in the pond.

Obviously, the hatchlings have been a big hit with everyone who has seen them.

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