Monday, June 2, 2008

"Where's my carrot?"

Although they are not technically visitors or residents of the pond, the two horses next door are almost always a part of the pond experience for visitors. Due to all the attention the horses have become shameless beggars for carrots, apples, or sugar cubes which they know the visitors often bring.

As with many 'pets' each has its own personality. In fact this simple picture (used in a previous post) actually demonstrates the difference in their approach to begging. The horse on the left is a real sweetheart. He is very tolerant of people and loves attention and will generally follow one around the pasture if he thinks he can get some special scratching and rubbing. Now the other horse is quite different. Two arabian horsesShe is not mean, but she is a bit more spirited and anxious when a potential treat may be at stake. In the picture it is almost as though he is saying "I like carrots and if you happen to have one I would really appreciate having it."

As for her it's "Where's my carrot?? I want it now!!"

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