Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now About Those Tiny Frogs

In the previous post I mentioned the hundreds (or should I say thousands?) of tiny baby frogs we have been seeing around the pond. Well here are the pictures. Check them out!
This first photo will give you an idea of how truly tiny these baby frogs are.

In this
photo you can see that there are likely several different types of frogs. Note the red one above and to the left of the coin. Some of the others also appear to be different species, but that could possibly be due to the age and development. Most of the frogs have very thin forelegs while a few have heavier, thicker forelegs. Those with the thicker forelegs also appear to have different markings. They appear to have different markings and are a bit stockier and not as long as the others. (The frog immediately below the coin and the closest one above and to the right appear to have the heavier forelegs.)

Taking that second photo proved interesting. On our first attempt the camera decided not to operate and all the frogs escaped within seconds. We had to round up a new collection and start all over. Of course that wasn't too difficult considering all the frogs available.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. And thanks for including the penny in your scale on the baby frogs. My goodness, they're tiny little things, aren't they? How big is your pond? I have a tiny 3x5 foot "pond" in our townhouse backyard. And yes, we've even had frogs find their way to it without our help! Here are some photos of Clyde, the frog who lives about three years in our pond:

  2. Hey Cindy - Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the links to those dragonfly resources on your blog. I picked up two more resources from some of your other posts. And your photo's are great. I've been taking pictures of and trying to identify dragonflies and damselflies around the pond recently. I've already got so many I decided just to post a few each Monday.

    Yes - those frogs are tiny little things. We made that graph paper with 1" squares to take pictures of frogs, turtles and such, but those were so small we needed some other form of reference. And they were fast, lol. There were thousands of them. For days we had to be careful where we stepped. We've seen some even smaller ones recently.

    The pond is not very large, just over an acre or so, but it does provide a lot of entertainment.

    Wow- Clyde, lol. Cool frog. Love the green on him. Gotta get me a frog, lol.

    Hope to see you again soon.


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