Saturday, June 21, 2008

Even some weeds have flowers

For most wild plants the time for profuse colorful blooming is in the spring in our region. Of course certain wild flowers bloom into the summer. And those that have fleshy roots such as the orange daylilies we see along many roadways may bloom throughout the summer. Many smaller plants that we may commonly consider weeds, however, may pop up with a few blooms on their own little schedule over the months.

While taking some pics of other things around the pond I noticed a few 'weed' flowers that made good subjects. I suggest you open this picture to a full view to fully enjoy it. This one was actually taken in the pasture next door but there are several of these around the pond, also.

This last picture is one of my favorites. Once again it should be viewed in the full view. The details of the flower are amazing. I was surprised how well the picture came out. I was lucky to get this one as there are only a very few of these around and they seem to last only a day or so before they start to fall apart.

I took a few more pictures of some reallyinteresting blooms on bushes and vines that I will be including in a future post.

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