Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chow Time

In a small pond it is a good practice to feed the fish regularly to improve the fishing . Many small pond owners install automated feeders to dispense the feed (usually small floating pellets) on a regular basis, maybe 1-3 times per day. The dispensers are normally mounted on a dock or suspended over the water.

This pond has never been an extensive fishing pond, but we do feed the fish often during the spring and summer. At first the feeding was primarily to promote growth in the game fish, but we finally realized that it had become more of a 'recreational feeding' rather than strictly beneficial.

Normally the feeding is meant for the bream-type fish and the occasional catfish. Bass seldom take feed unless they are 'trained' to do so. As you can see the bream get their share, but in within minutes the other fish and turtles begin to arrive for a free lunch.


  1. Recreational feeding is fun especially where children are is nice to see them in open spaces and good fresh air....

  2. You are right about that Cheryl. The kids love to watch the turtles and big fish come for their free lunch.

    And to you other visitors, if you like nature and wildlife be sure to visit cheryl's blog, My Wildlife Sanctuary.

    It's all about her wildlife garden and the treasures she finds waiting for her there daily.


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