Friday, June 27, 2008

Condo for Lease - Water View

Some visitors to the blog may have noticed that there is a house for Purple Martins on the dam, but we haven't listed Purple Martins as resident birds in the Cast of Characters. For several years there was another Purple Martin house located a little further from the water and closer to the woods. Over the years the woods expanded toward the dam and the bird house making it a less desirable location for the martins.

The house eventually deteriorated and problems developed with the post it was mounted on. We took that house down and a few months ago put up a new one. Unfortunately, it has not attracted any residents for this year. We think perhaps we were a bit late in getting the house up for this year and have high hopes that next year we may attract a few Purple Martins to add to the number of birds that call the pond home at least part of the year.

We have noted a few odd occurrences at the house, however. A few weeks ago there was constant nest building activity toward one end of the house. The builders? Bluebirds. The odd thing was the bluebirds actually built a nest in the nearby bluebird house, also, and the female is attending the eggs now. This is the second nest of the season for that house.

As to the Purple Martin house, after the intense nest building activity for several days it seems it was abandoned. The only visitor we see to the martin house is papa bluebird who often comes to perch and oversee the bluebird nest with his mate and future family.


  1. It is interesting how nature changes an area and then this affects the wild life that once inhabited it.

  2. Yes. And it is amazing how much time and energy (not to mention money) we sometimes spend fighting nature when we could just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching it take its course.


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