Thursday, June 19, 2008

Green herons are cool

I've mentioned the green herons a couple of times before, particularly that bad day he had several weeks ago. Well, we finally got some pics of him. The herons are very shy and don't allow us to approach too close. We do not have a camera with extensive zoom, but the shots came out fairly good considering how far away we were.

Here he is in his normal hunting mode, patiently stalking along the edge of the water searcing for that unlucky little fish, frog, or tadpole. He will normally take a few steps and then stand and wait. Then ZAP!!. His head will dart down and up he comes with a meal. He is usually a very patient hunter. It often takes him maybe half an hour to stalk along 20-30 feet of the shoreline.

We are constantly on the look out for the heron so hopefully we will have some even better shots in the future. And by the way, don't ask me why they are called green herons. They don't look green to me.


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  2. The above comment was complimentary but a bit spammish, too.


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