Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby frogs encore

Having given you some pics of the tiny frogs earlier I thought I would pass along a few I took of them in their natural habitat. Don't let this photo mislead you. This first guy is really small. I had trouble even seeing him with the camera and just about missed the shot.

There are still a lot of the baby frogs around, but they are not as evident as 2-3 weeks ago. I'm sure many of them have succumbed to predators, but a lot of them have dispersed into their new homes on the edge of the pond.

As you can probably see it is hard to spot them unless you look very closely. I was lucky to notice a slight motion among pine straw and leaves along the shore. A little checking revealed this tiny fellow.

Then there was this little baby on its own
in a great big world. Just 10 seconds after I took the picture he was gone. One quick move and he had burrowed under the pine straw and disappeared.

The best thing is we still have tadpoles with new batches popping up every few days. There are not nearly so many as several weeks ago, but we know there are still more frogs to come.


  1. I love tadpoles! Especially the ones that have little legs and a tail. because they're stuck between the tadpole stage and the frog stage. It was a favorite pastime of mine as a kid, to catch (and release of course) those little guys.

  2. Hey Ashley - Thanks for stopping by.

    It's easy to understand why people, especially kids, love tadpoles. The stages of development are so obvious and easy to interpret.

    It's sort of funny. Seeing the 1,000's of tadpoles emerging this spring was one of the incidents that led to creating this blog.

    Hope you drop back by soon. I have some good pics of dragonflies and damselflies I will be posting soon.


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