Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Home For "Blogspot" And Pals

Since this is my very first time to post, I would like to introduce myself. I am GG, owner of the pond that Baker has been telling you about. Baker has been trying to get me to write for some time but I have been bashful about doing so. However, I thought now that you might like to have an up-date on our little Red Ear Slider (RES) turtles that Baker has captured (or rescued) from the pond.

You may recall the details of how we acquired our mascot, Blogspot, and how he got his name. (If not you can catch up on them here and here.) I set up a vivarium in a small (5 gal.) aquarium which Baker gave me to use as a temporary home for our new mascot.

A few days later he captured another little RES from the pond. We named that one “Red Spot” because of the bright red ear spots. Within a couple of days Baker caught yet another tiny hatchling RES the same size as Blogspot. I call that one “Yellow Spot” because it has no red as yet on the sides of its head.
Though I hadn’t really thought about becoming a ‘mama’ to three baby turtles, we just didn’t have the heart to put them back in the pond, so I put the other two in the tank with “Blogspot”. As the days went by we saw that it was too small an area for three turtles.

Baker came over with a 10 gallon aquarium which was no longer being used. We acquired some pebbles, some rocks for them to sit and bask on, greenery for them to eat and to hide under, and we made them a new vivarium.

Now BlogSpot, Red Spot, and Yellow Spot are doing very well in their new home. They are eating well, and happily basking in the artificial sunshine from the lamp which is over rocks in the shallow end. They have even become such chow hounds that when they see my hand over the water they know that I am going to drop the food pellets for them to eat and they grab them heartily.

I will keep you posted from time to time on our three little green-backs and how they are getting along.


  1. How cute are those turtles? I know we have some in our pond as I have seen them. I hope you enjoy blogging, it's quite addictive after a while and you have wonderful subject matter to blog about. From another pond lady...

  2. From a wildlife gardener....how beautiful are these little creatures....so colourful and charming....I look forward to future posts to see how they are doing.....

  3. The little turtles are cute and very lucky to have you caring for them.

  4. These guys are adorable! I like the names, too.

  5. Graceanne, I love your blog. Do it more often. The little greenbacks are spoiled already, for I have seen them.

  6. What a pretty little turtle. I never realized turtles and tortoises came in any color other than brown or green.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Come back and visit any time.

  7. Thanks to you all for your kind words in your comments on my 1st post about our turtles. I appreciate it very much. You all made my day !

  8. Babies!! So sweet no matter what the species. :)

    Welcome to blogging Graceanne. :)

  9. I think the insects are going to figure largely in today's choices. Lovely pictures.

  10. Those are lovely turtles. I think you made a wonderful habitat for them where they can be happy and safe.

  11. GG, very happy to see you here at last and thank you for a beautiful post.

    I love the names you gave the little fella's... Blogspot, Yellowspot and Redspot!



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