Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PhotoHunt for those Weekly Themes

This is a bit off the subject of the pond and its visitors, but I recently rediscovered an interesting site for bloggers who frequently post photo's. I had seen it before, but I was not actively blogging at the time. The site is called PhotoHunt. It is not a big, corporate-run site, but was originated and is still managed by an individual. Each week there is a 'theme' and the participating bloggers will post personal photo's about the theme on their blog. The themes are often very broad (such as delicious, heavy, or high), but they can sometimes be more specific (such as bad hair or funny/unique signs).

If you are a blogger who posts a lot of your own photo's you might find the challenge of producing a weekly 'theme' photo interesting. Additionally, the community of bloggers who participate seems to include a lot of nice people and they frequently visit the blogs of other participants and comment on the entry.

So, in the future you may see the term PhotoHunt in a title or post from time to time on this blog. When you do you may want to pop over to PhotoHunt and find the links to some of the other interpretations of the theme. You will also find the instructions for how to participate along with lists of past and future themes.


  1. i might have to check that out...
    beautiful pictures i must add!

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Hey Jen - Thanks for the visit and comments.

    I think PhotoHunt will be fun. It's going to be quite a challenge for me because I generally stick to the subject matter of the pond and immediate vicinity. I'm going to try to make all my theme pictures relate to something I would post anyway, but I can foresee some future themes being difficult.

    Come by and visit again. And I'll be checking in on your blog from time to time to keep up with Coconut and Belly, lol. Great header by the way. I have some ideas on changing mine, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

  3. I use to take part in photohunt and while it was fun I found that more and more people were in it for themselves. It did not bring many return visits.

  4. Hopefully the pond will get a few more visitors who will enjoy the photo's and info on the blog but if not I'm not too concerned. Like I said in the above comment, I'm looking forward to the challenge of incorporating the weekly theme into my normal blog posts which are almost all about the pond and immediate vicinity. Some will be easy but some may end up being very difficult. Next week's theme is 'pointed' and I have looked everywhere trying to identify something that I can use. Maybe I will have an inspiration at the last moment, lol.


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