Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Neighbor's Flower Garden

I think I have told you before that there is a pond directly across the road from our pond. One thing that always draws our attention to the pond at this time of year is the bright flower garden next to it. The garden is not overly large but the colors and size of the flowers makes them visible from a long distance. I recently asked the neighbor if I could take some photo's of the butterflies and hummingbirds that frequent the flowers.

On my first couple of visits there were not too many butterflies willing to pose for a photograph
so I thought I would share some of the colorful plants and flowers with you. These are just a few of many varieties.

I think the flowers speak for themselves so there's not much I can add except that I think the last photo is one of my favorites. And I want to thank our neighbor for letting us share them with you.
Of course I plan to make a few more trips to the other pond to capture a shot of a butterfly or two and more of those great flowers.


  1. Hi Baker....Isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy someone else's space. I know it gives me much pleasure to share......I feel sure your neighbour was pleased to let you photograph her beautiful flowers.....

  2. Thank you to you for the beautiful flow pics, and thank you to your neighbor for letting you take them.

    I also want to thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Hey cheryl - You are right. I think everyone who truly enjoys flowers or the other beautiful things in nature are very pleased to share them with others.

    Hi there Tammy - Thanks for dropping by and commenting - You are always welcome here at our little pond.

    One other comment here. I knew my neighbor would love to share the flowers without my asking. Other neighbors often wander by to enjoy the fishing or flowers all the time. I just wanted to let her know what I was doing in case she should look out her window and see someone crouching and kneeling in her flower garden in search of an elusive butterfly or trying to get the right photo angle for a flower.

  4. Hi Baker, what beautiful flowers. You certainly have an eye for photography.

  5. Thank you, Rose. I really appreciate the comment.

    The funny thing is I'm sure I have taken more photo's in the last month than I had in my whole life combined prior to starting this blog. I don't even own a working camera, lol. The one I've been using I borrowed from GG, the owner of the pond.

    Initially most of the photo's on the blog were taken by others (primarily GG and AR), but I think all of those for the last month have been mine with the exception of the Bike & Build one which quite obviously came from another blog.

  6. Those are so pretty and cheery! I think you just have to smile while looking at them. Nice shot. :D

  7. Thanks bunny trails - it's not a large flower garden but the flowers are so bright and vivid they make great subjects


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