Monday, July 28, 2008

Damsels Take Center Stage This Monday

It seems to me that I take many more photo's of dragonflies than damselflies. I think that is because the dragonflies are more prominent immediately around the pond. Most of the damselflies I see at the pond are the smaller ones and they tend to visit areas of the pond that are in the shade. They are much more prevalent in the later afternoon and early evening when most of the dragonflies have left.

When I leave the pond and venture into the woods and down the streams nearby, however, I run into a much wider variety of damselflies and fewer dragonflies. The damsels tend to prefer shady type areas dappled with a bit of sun. Many of them also prefer to perch on leaves and blades of grass compared to the dragons who often go for more sturdy perches such as sticks and limbs.

When the damsels perch on leaves in a spot of sunlight they provide excellent opportunities for some interesting shots. This is one of my favorite photo's. The dark wings and body are almost invisible in this small version of the photo, but I find the shadow it casts on the leaves enchanting. (Open in a larger view for better look at the damselfly itself.)

Damselflies also tend to vary more in size and wing characteristics than the dragonflies around the pondand fields here. Many are even much smaller than this golden beauty and have amazing arrays of colors.

And, as an added bonus, damsels are often seen in unusual positions with their bodies bent at one or more of the several joints. Often this is related to mating or the laying of eggs. I'm working on getting some video of both damsels and dragons to share with you in future posts so be sure to check back with us. I've already shot several test videos and I'm improving, but I want to wait until I get some great takes before posting them.


  1. Hello Baker.GraceAnne said you had taken some great photos and you have. I like the additional information about where you find them.

    Earlier this summer, I saw some large dragonflies patrolling sections of the pond and I tried so hard to get a good look and to take a photo. No luck.

    I hope people will be inspired to take the time to look down and see what they wouldn't usually notice. There is a whole world down there..

  2. Such a cool shot! I don't believe I've spotted these around our place. I'll have to keep my eye out :)

  3. Very nice photos, they are so tiny, do you have to use manual adjusted focusing to capture these images? I find that it’s almost impossible to take a clear shot with auto focus, and recently discovered that I can switch to manual focus on my camera, things look a lot clearer through the manual focus, but I still need a lot of practice.

  4. Hey there Michelle - You know you (and Ginger) have given me an idea. I'm quite an amateur as far as photography goes, but then again most camera owners are. Several visitors have made comments about how they have tried to take (or would like to take) photo's of dragons and damsels and perhaps other small creatures. I've passed along a few modest suggestions on some of the things that had helped me in getting some of my shots. I think maybe I'll write up a list of tips for amateurs like myself. Not much on the technical side of course but just some suggestions that may help others get some good shots, particularly of damsels and dragons.

    Hey Sandy - (sounds like Babisodes keeps you on your toes, lol) Keep watching for those damsels and dragons - I'll bet you will find some

    Ginger - Welcome back to the pond - I just use the auto focus - I miss quite a few shots because of that I think - I'm not even sure this camera has a manual focus capability (Now where is that dang manual for this camera? I'm sure it is around here somewhere.)

    Thanks to all of you for dropping by and the comments.

  5. I love the information that you post! My favorite is the silvery one - just beautiful!
    I have had the same issues with photos of the damselflies - my camera does not "see" them alot of times. I forgot all about manual - hmmmm maybe that is the thing to try.
    Thanks again Baker - so glad to visit the pond!
    London Yankee

  6. Hey There London Yankee - Glad you got a chance to check out the Damsel/Dragon posts - And thanks for the kind words


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