Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Creature (human creatures) Comforts

At one time the pond lacked any creature (human creatures) comforts. Over the past few years we have added various seating arrangements such as benches and swings. Some are permanent and some are movable allowing them to be shifted to take advantage of shade or sun depending on the time of year. For 'planned' events, such as the cub scout outing, we will normally bring out some tables and extra chairs and perhaps erect a temporary canopy. We realized, though, we needed some more permanent tables that could stay at the pond year-around.

A few weeks ago GG and I procured some used cable spools to use as tables. (You probably guessed where we got them. At a yard sale. You gotta love yard sales and flea markets.) These tables are not good for sitting at to eat. They are too tall and of course the bottom precludes pulling a chair up close. They are, however, quite handy for other purposes such as a place to put all the tools and such should we have a cookout by the pond.

One great thing about them is they are relatively easy to move. Just flip it up, roll it to wherever it's needed, flip it back down, and there you are. This also makes them easy to store in the edge of the woods where they just sort of blend in and disappear until they are needed again.

Best of all they were cheap and should be relatively impervious to our weather as long as they are painted every year or so. We finally got around to giving them the first coat of paint a few days ago. (Well, they painted them. I was away and missed most of the fun.)

And, the spools have an added benefit. They were immediately recognized by the kids (and a few adults) as great toys. We even have races from time to time. Well, they do. I keep my feet on the ground.


  1. Sounds are lucky to be able to sit out in the has been raining all day here and a miserable 50 degrees.....

  2. Hey there cheryl. During most of the day we go searching for some shade at this time of year. And the rain (if we get some) normally comes later in the day as afternoon/evening summer thundershowers.

    50 degrees there? - A bit chilly I would say for the middle of summer. We will probably not see 50 degrees during the day for at least 10 more weeks.

  3. Whoops....sorry Baker typing error....60 should be much warmer here at this time of year.....70 - 80 degrees. It is all very unseasonal.

    I love the thought of you and your family moving around for shade....

    It's still raining, hasn't stopped all day...

  4. Ahh. Still a bit chilly at 60. We are reaching a time when the norm is at least 90 degrees and days above 95 will not be uncommon.

    And we could use some of that rain. We are still dreadfully behind for the last 18-24 months. Last year was terrible when we got only about 65% of our normal rainfall. It was really bad and the pond has not yet recovered completely. June was relatively dry but we have gotten some good thundershowers so far this month.

  5. Oh I'm sure they are rose, but baker keeps his feet on mother earth when it comes to things like that.


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