Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What This Blog Needs More Of

I was looking through some of the photo's used in the slideshow in the sidebar and I realized one thing the blog needs more of. It needs more yellow. Yep. More yellow.

We have lots of greens and browns, the reds and pinks come up pretty often, there are blues here and there, and even orange pops up from time to time. But, there is not a lot of yellow. So I went off searching the photo archives for a bit of yellow or gold to balance things out.

Now I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time shooting yellow flowers. They just normally do not come out very good. I'm sure it has to do with the light and perhaps I'll get that figured out someday. Anyway, that's probably why you have not seen many yellow flowers here.

Fortunately I have a few photo's of butterflies on yellow flowers.

And just by chance there are some other yellow items around the pond so I could sneak in a photo of one of those. (Actually I'm curious about how many of you will know what the yellow thing is used for.)

But I think this one below was my favorite yellow of all this past summer. This is a female Calico Pennant. I watched for this one after having seen and photographed a few males around the pond. The males are similar, but colored red in the place of the yellow/gold color of the female. Together they make a handsome couple.


  1. The female calico pennant is stunning beautiful.......yellows are definately bright, cheerful and sometimes dramatic........I love this yellow theme........

  2. stunning pics! looking at your gorgeous photos i just realized i miss yellow from my life - and definitely need more :)

  3. The Calico Pennant is gorgeous, Baker!

    Hmmmm?????...a stake for a dogs' chain?

  4. Cheryl - I guess I was right - It did need some yellow, lol

    szilvia - thanks - glad it added a little yellow to your day

    kim - gotta love those calico ones - good guess on the yellow stake thing but sorry, no prize - here's a hint - it is normally used near the edge of the water around the pond


  5. Baker....Love the photos especially the dragonfly..great macro..

  6. Nice touch of yellow. The female Calico Pennant has to be my favorite.

  7. ooh..ooh..ooh!!...I know what it is!...an old spring of some sort used as a fishing rod holder!

    (actually, it's my husbands' guess)

  8. Michelle - Thanks - Those female Calico Pennants are hard to capture - I find they most often perch near the ground in grass - The males normally perch on short twigs or sticks near water's edge

    Tammy - I liked the Calico, too - It's interesting that the male and female look so much alike only with different colors

    Kim - BINGO - We have a winner! that's exactly what it is, a fishing rod/pole holder - It's a small bar of iron with about half its length coiled like a spring and the other half straight so it can be pushed into the ground - There are several different types of rod holders around the pond and since they are used by many people they sometimes get left where they were last used - I painted them bright yellow so they would not get lost in grass along the edge of the pond -


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