Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This And That From Baker's Hat (II)

If you saw the original 'This And That From Baker's Hat' post you may recall that this is where I just pull some unconnected photo's 'out of the hat' and post them. These are the photo's that I would probably never get around to using in a regular post. It's not that I consider them great photo's or anything like that. I just find some of them interesting. So, here are a few more of those unconnected photo's that have been languishing in my photo files.
Floating Tomato

I'm sure you can see how it would be difficult to weave this photo of a tomato into another post. We found it floating in the neighbor's pond. I could venture a guess as to how it got there, but I really don't know the how and why and I probably never will. The odd thing was that on the same day there was a single red pepper floating there, too.
I took this one for a past PhotoHunt theme, but ended up going with something else. I just thought it was colorful and now I can use the photo in the slideshow in the sidebar.

As for this last one below, I probably could use it in a post sooner or later, but I since I don't have a particular post in mind I thought I would include it here. It almost looks like they are on ice rather than water. I was amazed at the variety of insects in such a small spot around the spider. It may be that the spider is actually consuming a recent kill and the insects are drawn in to partake of any leftovers.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Some of you may have noticed I have added a new blog. It's just a simple little blog I created a few days ago to share some of the items that happen to land in my inbox or that I run across on the net. They are basically just fun or interesting items that don't fit here on this blog, but I thought some of you might enjoy them.

You can find it at What I Found In My Inbox or you can always find the link in the sidebar of this blog. Drop by for a quick chuckle or for an interesting photo or video when you get a chance. It will only take a couple of minutes or maybe just a bit longer if you watch the short video which I highly recommend by the way.


  1. Gosh how fascinating is that last photograph.....

  2. These are wonderful photos. I'm glad you decided to share them! The fishing lures are espciall nice.

    I just popped over to your Inbox blog and found some chuckles in there. I'll be sure to stop in often.

  3. Cheryl - I'm still trying to figure out what is going on there, lol - That was one shot from a distance while I was sitting waiting for the damselflies to settle down so it is not as clear as I would have liked it to be

    mymaracas - Thanks - I'm glad you got a couple of chuckles - I probably will not be posting a lot there - Just a few now and then that I feel are worthwhile


  4. I like the "spider on ice" photo best...isn't it great to watch the water surface of the pond seem to alter itself depending on the skyscape and light level?!

  5. I love the last photo..You too are branching out. That's what I did to have a place to put photos that I don't put on the blog...I think we getting addicted to this Baker..and I noticed how many blog followers you have....it makes you smile to know that others are enjoying what is so dear to you...

  6. The spider and insects do look like they are on ice, not water.

    On my over to your new blog to check it out.

  7. kim - It is amazing about the water - It can differ so much with the sky and light that one would swear it is not the same body of water from one photo to the next

    Michelle - Yep - I branch out a bit now and then but virtually all of the photo's are still from within sight of the pond or within a short walk at the most (of course the other blog is quite different but I have a feeling it will also end up being mostly about animals and nature) - And, yes, it is great to have a few followers/subscribers - And I follow all of them (plus more) even though I don't always find the time to comment as often as I would like to

    Tammy - It really did remind me of ice as the weight of the spider (light as it may be) did not produce the typical dimples in the water surface tension


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