Thursday, October 16, 2008

Imagine My Surprise

Perhaps you can imagine how surprised I was when I was going through my reader and up popped a blog post with the title 'Baker's Butterfly'. I was even more surprised as I read the post.

The blog belongs to one of our regular visitors, Tammy at My Little Corner of The World. Like many talented people Tammy loves to paint in her spare time. A couple of weeks ago she asked if she could use as references a few of the photographs in a post I had made about the butterflies visiting our neighbor's flower garden. Of course I was honored that she would want to use them and replied that I would be happy for her to paint any of them she wanted to, but I also suggested that she make sure she shared those paintings with all of us.

Well, Tammy came through in flying colors. She has completed the first painting and posted a photo of it on her blog. It's a great pastel of the Gulf Fritillary perched on a multi-color lantana. I think you should go by and check it out and leave Tammy a comment.

As for me, I want to thank Tammy for posting her work and linking to our blog. Tammy, you did a beautiful job. I hope you enjoyed painting it as much as I enjoyed spending time with flowers and butterflies while capturing that shot. I think we will both agree that the ultimate credit goes to the butterfly and flowers.

Here's the photo she used for the painting, by the way. I'm sure you will agree she did a great job.

P.S. (added 2:38 PM)

Now this is not directly related to this blog, but one of our other long-time visitors to the blog recently posted a work which I think you will find interesting. Avril of Clare Artist - Wildlife, Landscape, and Irish Life posted one of her most recent wild animal paintings.

If you have never visited Avril's blog you should definitely drop by. You will find links there to more of her art work. If you love wildlife you really should not miss her big cats and other magnificent animals.


  1. At your suggestion....I made that visit. I'd say Tammy did your butterfly justice! Lots of time into that beautiful piece of art!

  2. Just going to pop to Tammy now......

  3. Glad you suggested a visited. Tammy did a wonderful job. It's beautiful!

  4. I love the photos.. they are great. Well done. We should appreciate nature more, instead of destroying them. Hope these should build up some awareness among us.

  5. Thank you for steering me to some great work Baker...

  6. I visited Tammy's blog and what a delight!!! She is so talented, Baker! And so are you, for taking such gorgeous photographs!

  7. the travelling butterfly exhibit was in town a few weeks ago. fabulous creatures.

  8. Kim - Cheryl - Kelly - Michelle - Avril - Thanks so much for visiting Tammy's blog

    Thanks to all for dropping by and the kind comments


  9. Thank you all for visiting my blog and I think I managed to stop by each of yours, if I missed someone, I'm sorry.

    I've been having internet problems and I thought they were resolved but it seems there are still a few bugs.

    Baker, I do agree with you that the ultimate credit goes to the butterflies and flowers. We can capture nature with a lens or paintbrush, or pastels but nothing can be as beautiful as the original.


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