Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feeding Breakfast

The PhotoHunt theme for this week being "Breakfast" made me think about the greatest breakfast we had seen around the pond.

Both Baker and I saw the Bluebirds feeding this summer but neither of us were able to get a good close-up photo of them, so below is a painting on my handmade paper of bluebirds feeding their young. The title of this painting is "Waiting To Feed".


  1. Good thing those little ones like that kind of breakfast because for me, not my choice of food. Very nice painting. I am sure a photo would be near impossible to get.

  2. Ewwww. I just thought of being fed by them. :)

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  4. Oops I didn't mean to delete my post!

    That is such a lovely painting! Birds and animals have to eat breakfast too!

    My breakfast is served

  5. How lovely! You painted that?! I so admire artistic talent. I can barely draw stick people. lol! I need to get back in the photohunt swing. We had breakfast for supper today, but it disappeared too fast for any pics. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. What a lovely painting and great take on the theme.

  7. beautiful painting and I always loved watching birds going about their activities:)

  8. Oh GA..this is so beautiful. You made the paper too? You are a talented artist!! I love the blue birds, but have never seen one in person. You are lucky to be able to have them in your area. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is perfect for the blog.

  9. Oh I do love that Graceanne, absolutely beautiful.....what a talent......

    I know you love your birds. Do pop over and see my little Tree Creeper........

  10. That is absolutely charming - not to mention perfect for the theme. Such talent!

  11. Beautiful painting - you have wonderful talent!!

  12. Graceanne, What detail! This is a fine representation of must have put many hours into this. It is simply beautiful!

  13. What a lovely keepsake you've created there. I'm so impressed that you make your own paper too!

  14. Colours of dawn - Not my kind of food either Haha, but guess its very nourishing for them.
    Thanks for the compliment.

    Alice Audry - Nope, I wouldn't want to be fed by them myself.

    Hi Kelly, Thanks for your great compliment. Yes, especially the babies need to eat early.

    Teena - Thanks very much. Seems you have a very fuul life up there.

    Sophiemae - Thanks for the lovely compliment.
    I like a breakfast meal at supper time many nights too.
    You have a great day in the Lord also.

    Carver - Thanks also for your nice words.

    Maritas - Thank you also. I have been a bird watcher since I was 7. (And that's been a lot of years. LOL !)

  15. Michelle - Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I've been at it for many years;- have been doing art shows & art festivals for over 47 years now.
    I make the paper from dry plants, such as roadside weeds, cornshucks, tree leaves, etc.
    Briefly; I cook it, blend it in a kitchen blender, lift it on screens, & put it on glass to dry.I also cook it with an ingredient which makes it archival (i.e., P.H. neutral & acid-free). I also paint on canvas, but the paintings on my paper have been very popular.

    Cheryl - Thank you very much for your lovely compliments too. And your little tree creeper is just precious! It reminds me of our brown creeper. I love all of your birds over there and you take such great pictures of them.

    RJ Flamingo - Thanks much for your great compliments. I love your squirrel picture. Hate to tell you, but they are the bane of my life! I also put 'chow' for them on the floor of my porch to keep them off my hanging bird-feeders.

    Avril - Thank you for your lovely compliments too. That is a thrill to me, coming from such a wonderful artist as you are. Your paintings are so beautiful. I especially love your wildlife ones and the scenes are spectacular!

    Spooky - Thank you also. I do love to paint in detail even though it takes lots of time.

    MyMaracas - Thanks to you also. I enjoy making the handmade paper though it sure is a lots of work and very time consuming.

    Folks, I thank you all sincerely for your nice words. I didn't post this meaning to 'show off', just wanted to give an insight into a breakfast around the pond, but I am glad you enjoyed the picture, and thanks again for all your compliments.
    Hope you all have a wonderful week. G G :)

  16. What a lovely painting, GG. I also want to thank you for the info on how you make the paper.

  17. Love the painting of the bluebirds!

  18. Tammy - Thank you, and coming from a fellow artist, this makes my day. I will be glad to share the complete instructions on the paper if you want to try it some time. I have them on the PC and can email them to you.
    Hope you don't get snowed in.
    Have a great week.

    Denise - Thanks, I'm so glad you liked the bluebird painting. I love your place and your Christmas tree & decorations too.
    Hope you have a blessed week too.

  19. Baker----did you paint that beautiful painting on handmade paper? If so, it's FANTASTIC! I want to see more!

    Cindy (


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