Thursday, November 6, 2008

This And That From Baker's Hat (III)

Here are a few more 'out of the hat' photo's. Actually I have used a photo similar to the one below on a prior post, but I thought it was such an interesting phenomenon I decided to post another shot. You can check out the story here.

The following photo has a story behind it also, but it is a little too long to tell. Let's just say we got a good laugh at the expense of certain visitors who sighted the 'giant lizard' in the pond and spread the alarm. I'll have to admit it did look rather life-like from a distance.

Now this last one is not mine. AR sent it to me. AR is the quiet blog team member who supplied a few of the photo's used in some of the initial posts on the blog including the panoramic view at the bottom of the page. This is a photo of a flower on an okra plant in her garden. (The garden is within sight of the pond by the way.) I find it interesting in its size and simplicity.

I have a couple of things to add to this Baker's Hat post. I been away from the computer a good bit for the past 7-10 days as some of you may have noticed. You know how other things can take priority at times, lol. I'm working on catching up on my visits and commenting on the blogs of visitors and such, but the list is quite long.

Also, I want to thank Kim from WishnikWoods for presenting us a special Friendship Award. Kim, it was truly appreciated.

We have received a few awards from special visitors in the past and we treasure them all. We always try to recognize those bloggers and the awards in the sidebar and in a special post that outlines our general position on awards.


  1. Your photo's are so stunning! I love the one with the croc. I have a similar photo that a friend photoshopped on a website that I visit. I'll post it at my blog one of these days. Thanks for stopping by my place, I love seeing what is going on here at the pond!

  2. Forgot I have to us IE to post a comment. I remember the past post and it was a good one. I love the sea monster and didn't know that Okra had a flower, but I guess it would have to. Glad that things are well your way Baker. Please tell GA that I did get her e-mail and I did answer it, but I didn't save either. She always leaves the most lovely comment on my blog...

  3. Funny how life gets in the way sometimes! LOL!

    Lovely photos as always Baker. I, too didn't know that Okra had a flower, but then, I never really thought about it either. That's why I like your blog so much. I'm always learning something new!

  4. Beautiful photographs again Baker.......when you look at your photographs do you remember the moment clearly, are you carried back to that time......I find I am......
    I love the first and second shot.........

  5. Excellent photos and text
    thanks for sharing

  6. WoW! Those rain bubbles are radical!
    And the gator is a hoot. If we ever do get to dig a pond here, I'll have to find one like that.

    Real life has taken me away from the puter a bit this past week or so, as well. It happens. 8-]

  7. Beautiful photo as always. You should get some of these published.

  8. That was fascinating about the rain bubbles. I would have to look twice at that alligator and I had never seen an okra flower before. I really do like okra though!

  9. Hi Baker...I checked back on your rain bubble story. That is simply amazing, I hope sometime to witness this. What a magical capture!

  10. A truly funny photo of the alligator on a rock! And the bubbles are intriguing. (But I'm a hydrologist).

  11. I've never seen rain bubbles like that, or an okra flower. Super entry!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me a much better description of the insects I photographed! I'd never heared of Damselflies at the time of posting so it shows I knew less than I thought I did!

    You have some wonderful photos here, your macro (or is it a seperate lense?) must awesome and your observation and timing impeccable!


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