Monday, February 16, 2009

This And That From Baker's Hat (IV)

This photo has a feeling of fall in it, but it was taken at the beginning of the summer last year. I just like it for some reason. There's something there about the shades of brown and the random simplicity that appeals to me.

It's one of those that I look at and think that I almost captured it just right, but not quite. Every time I see it I want to go back and try again. And I like how it reminds me that there are often interesting photo opportunities right under your very feet and before your very eyes if you just look for them. You don't have to always have to have colorful and exciting subjects.

Now what do you imagine this guy is thinking as he climbed this vertical tinted window?

"Would you hurry up and take the picture already? I can't hold on like this forever!"

This following photo was not taken around the pond, but at a nearby lake last July. It is a wild passionflower. The wild passionflowers in our region are know as 'Maypops' which refers to the apricot-sized fruit they produce which has a rigid outer shell, but a juicy, seedy pulp. Stepping on one would be much like stepping on an egg.


  1. And the lizard was probably ticked at the flash on your camera too, or at least being the focus of so much attention. hehe

    Spring is coming! Can't wait!

  2. Wayne - Yeah - He was getting a little tired of me taking pictures, lol. He kept running from on end of the truck to the other.

  3. Hi Graceanne. I know this is Baker's post (Which is wonderful as always) but I wanted to send a comment to you so I hope you get this. First I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. It must have been tough. I hope things get better for you. I hope you can go to Texas. I remember reading earlier that your friend wants you to go to Texas. I think you also mentioned something about birds. If you can come you might like to try a Whooping Crane Excursion. My husband Rick and I went to Rockport Texas for honeymoon in March (1986) and I remember seeing a boat that would take people out to see Whooping Cranes. we ended up not going but I kind of wished we had. Anyway, I hope you can get away.
    I hope God gives you comfort this week and always. Kelly

  4. My favorite is the photo of the pine cones.
    As always, thank you for sharing.

  5. the lizard looks like a glow in the dark creature. funny..


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